SULLIVAN'S Landscaping of Alexandria, VA.
SULLIVAN'S Landscaping of Alexandria, VA. SULLIVAN'S Landscaping of Alexandria, VA.
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First Book

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Sullivan's Practical Landscaping Guide
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Sullivan's Practical Landscaping Guide
by Bill Sullivan

My first-ever book—on what else, landscaping—has just been published by Word Association Publishers in Tarentum, Pennsylvania. Joyce Dexter handled the editing and desktop publishing while Stephanie Guiney worked her magic with the graphic design. Debra Rose took the picture of the patient nesting dove while Chester Simpson braved the nippy February chill to capture myself and hound dogs Pepper (top) and JoJo for the front cover.

This is meant to be a practical tool for not only my customers but anyone interested in learning about plants, shrubs and trees while "heading out back" for a do-it-yourself project in the yard or patio. I attempted to cover every topic (literally) under the sun regarding landscaping in brief detail without burdening the reader with a lesson in botany, chemistry or plant engineering.

I hope you find it helpful while interesting. Wynn Design, who designed this web site, has put the book in a PDF format for your reference. If you'd like to purchase a hard copy, send $19.95 to Bill Sullivan, 5603 Harding Ave. Alexandria, Va. 22302 and I'll mail you one.

— Bill Sullivan  


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